Process and Payment

  1. Please contact Cooking Sun travel consultants by filling in your requirements.
  2. A few times of consultation by email and/or Skype.
  3. After the few contacts, you will be shown initial itinerary and estimated budget. Then, if you decide to travel with Cooking Sun, you will be asked to pay the non-refundable deposit of 20,000 yen. When the final quote is presented, 20,000 yen is deducted from it.
  4. Further exchange of emails and Skype between you and our consultant to make a final itinerary.
  5. Upon agreement of final itinerary, reservations and arrangements are started.
  6. Balance payment due within two weeks from the day of agreement. Another 30,000 yen is non-refundable once the balance payment is completed. In case you need installments, please consult us beforehand.