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Travel Japan with our travel agency team’s tailor-made itinerary for you!

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Do you love food? Are you interested in visiting local restaurants, farms, breweries and factories that are not easily found in travel books? If yes, our travel consultants are here to arrange a tailor-made trip for you!

Cooking Sun has a professional travel agency licence (Kyoto Governor Registered Travel Agent No. 3-667) and is capable of arranging unique tailor-made trips with special attention to food and culture.

How are we different? We make your itineraries focusing more on food experiences (meal, activity, visit), whereas in general travel agents structure them focusing significantly on sightseeings (city, temple, garden, etc) and hotels.

Where We Take You

Local Restaurant

‘Which restaurant do you (local) go?’ is the most asked questions at Cooking Sun’s studio. If people search on TripAdvisor or open Lonely Planet, there are so many information, but still people struggle to choose where to eat, let alone if you are vegetarian or halal. We carefully pick restaurants and integrate into itinerary based on your budget and preference, so you can have great culinary experiences.


Many farms welcome tourists in Japan. How many? There are about 8000 pick-your-own fruits & vegetable farms, 1500 farm stay accommodations, and 1200 farm restaurants. Unfortunately, not all of them have (English) websites and almost all of them locate in places where access is not the easiest without careful assistant. We wish more people visit these places and experience our culture in detail.

Cooking class

Cooking class is one of the best ways to experience culture for tourists. It is simply delightful to meet locals, learn cooking from them, ask as many questions as you may have, and exchange ideas about the difference between your country and Japan. We own Cooking Sun and we pride that it is a great product, but there are many professional and amateur chefs who want to share their passion, skill and knowledge with you in all over Japan.


So often do we get this question of ‘where can I buy this? It’s too expensive in food market or department store but I want to buy more practical utensils like you use’. You need to go to a large size supermarket, and they are usually not on travel books. Exploring supermarket between temples and monuments are a worthwhile experience and we take you there.

Sake brewery

There are many sake breweries who are open to public. So many people are interested in this Japanese specialty alcohol and it is a shame that drinking is the only way to experience it.

Food factory

Miso, mirin, soy sauce, Japanese vinegar, tofu, etc.  There are so many Japanese processed foods and seasonings and some factories accept public. It is a great way to feel closer to Japan, and we encourage to integrate these activities into your itinerary depending on how much time and interest you have.


You like sushi and sashimi, but you are interested in doing more than just to eat them? There is a perfect activity for you. We can arrange fishing on a boat with local fisherman (followed by cooking your own sushi afterwards) for those who are curious and active.