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Let Us Arrange a Tailor Made Japan Holiday for You!

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Are you interested in food and culture? Do you have enough time to visit farms, food manufacturers with long history, sake brewery etc that are not easily found in travel books? If yes, our travel consultant team is here to arrange a tailor-made trip for you! We have been doing cooking class for 4 years and we have established good relationship with many food related small and medium size business companies.

Cooking Sun has a professional travel agency licence (Kyoto Governor Registered Travel Agent No. 3-667) and is capable of arranging unique tailor-made trips with special attention to food and culture.

What We Sell

We arrange tailor made Japan holiday for you. We arrange accommodation, tour, guide, transportation, everything you need once you land in Japan.

Where We Take You

Local Restaurant

‘Which restaurant do you (local) go?’ is the most asked questions at Cooking Sun’s studio. If people search on TripAdvisor or open Lonely Planet, there are so many information, but still people struggle to choose where to eat, let alone if you are vegetarian or halal. We carefully pick restaurants and integrate into itinerary based on your budget and preference, so you can have great culinary experiences.

Tea Farm

Cooking class

Cooking class is one of the best ways to experience culture for tourists. It is simply delightful to meet locals, learn cooking from them, ask as many questions as you may have, and exchange ideas about the difference between your country and Japan. We own Cooking Sun and we pride that it is a great product, but there are many professional and amateur chefs who want to share their passion, skill and knowledge with you in all over Japan.


Sake brewery

There are many sake breweries who are open to public. So many people are interested in this Japanese specialty alcohol and it is a shame that drinking is the only way to experience it.

Food factory

Miso, mirin, soy sauce, Japanese vinegar, tofu, etc.  There are so many Japanese processed foods and seasonings and some factories accept public. It is a great way to feel closer to Japan, and we encourage to integrate these activities into your itinerary depending on how much time and interest you have.



Since Cooking Sun started in April 2014, we’ve met so many travellers from all over the world. Fortunately for us, customers enjoy cooking class and some people even send us photos and messages after they return home. We know that they enjoy cooking, but much more than that, we know what they enjoy the most is the time they spend together with friendly local people. Cooking class is a tool to make it happen and eating what they just cooked serves as a flavour. Simply put, they are delighted by unexpected learning and encounter.

At the same time, however, we noticed that many people struggle to experience things in detail, sometimes because of language barrier, and sometime because of lack of information. As a result, people end up spending too much time in transfer from one destination to another, spending too much money for accommodations and activities that are priced up for tourists, and sometimes even eating at McDonalds and Starbucks as opposed to their will. We think that we can get rid of complexity and make ‘unexpected learning and encounter’ happen beyond our cooking studio all over Japan, while their time and money being spent more efficiently.

Who is Cooking Sun for?

  • Fun loving and curious couples, friends, families and groups from all over the world!
  • People who are willing to seek help from Japan travel professionals to make your own tailor-made itinerary.
  • People who are interested in experiencing Japanese food culture in detail (what we offer = restaurant recommendation, fruit picking, farm visit & farm stay, sake brewery visit, cooking class, tea ceremony, food tour, etc)
  • People who are interested in interaction with locals and are open to unique experience.
  • Travel agents who want to provide tailor made culinary tours with their clients are also welcome.

How It Works

  1. Please contact Cooking Sun travel consultants by filling in your requirements.
  2. A few times of consultation by email and/or Skype.
  3. After the few contacts, you will be shown initial itinerary and estimated budget. Then, if you decide to travel with Cooking Sun, you will be asked to pay the non-refundable deposit of 20,000 yen. When the final quote is presented, 20,000 yen is deducted from it.
  4. Further exchange of emails and Skype between you and our consultant to make a final itinerary.
  5. Upon agreement of final itinerary, reservations and arrangements are started.
  6. Balance payment due within two weeks from the day of agreement. Another 30,000 yen is non-refundable once the balance payment is completed. In case you need installments, please consult us beforehand.


I want to spend time not only in rural areas but also in cities doing normal sightseeing.

Absolutely. If you are visiting Japan for the first time, you cannot skip Tokyo and probably do not want to miss Kyoto. We totally agree. We try to give you the best culinary experiences and try to integrate unique food related activities by closely discussing with you. However, please be assured that you will never get more or less than what you want.

What do I expect from you? How different are you compared to the other travel agents?

First of all, we take meals as important part of your travel, and we introduce a variety of restaurant options. Also, we introduce food related unique experiences such as farm visit, farm stay, cooking classfactory visit and fishing to those who are interested.

We’ve seen too many times that people are given ‘one size fits all’ package products where they are taken in typical touristic places. Although we do not say that it is always a bad thing, needless to say, everyone is different and therefore destinations should have more variety. Simply put, we take you where other tourists won’t visit if they don’t use our service!

Can we book hotels by ourselves?

We would like to offer everything as a whole package, because we use our expertise on the accommodations (quality, friendliness, flexibility, convenience, among other factors), but if you dare to argue, sure you can. Having said that, please allow us to handle special type of accommodation such as farm stay to avoid complexity between you and suppliers. Also please note that travel agents can often have better rates from hotels, so it may be cheaper to let us handle everything in the end.

I’m a single traveller. Can I have your service?

Yes, but for single travellers, we will ask booking hotels on their own, except for special type of accommodation such as farm stay.

Can you book flight for me?

Sorry, please book flight by yourself and let us know.

Is it possible to change itinerary after confirmation?

Yes. However, they may involve additional charge and please also understand that last minute requests may involve difficulties.

Can I see the breakdown of quote?

Please kindly understand that we only offer package price.W

We are high end luxury travellers (or budget travellers). Do we fit you?

Please be assured that we propose itineraries according to your budget.

How do I pay?

You can choose either bank transfer or credit card. For credit card payment, we send you email with payment URL link after confirmation. Please pay by YEN.

Cancellation Policy

  1. We ask 20,000 yen as non-refundable deposit when we present our initial itinerary and estimated budget and you decide to continue discussing your travel plan with our travel consultants.
  2. The balance of payment is due within two weeks after you agree on final itinerary and quotation. 
  3. Once the balance payment is completed, another 30,000 yen is considered non-refundable even if you need to cancel at later stage.

After that,

  • 80% refunded 4 weeks before the tour
  • 50% refunded 2 weeks before the tour
  • 0% refunded within 2 weeks to the tour




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