Tokyo Cooking Class

When coming to Tokyo, one of the best things you can do that you will remember forever is to learn to cook like the locals. Why not try your hand at Japanese cooking in our Tokyo cooking class. You will learn about why wagyu beef is so tasty, how kaiseki meal developed, or you will know there are several types of sushi but still the basics are the same.  Our friendly Tokyo studio instructors guide you through so you can enjoy cooking and learn more about Tokyo, Japan and Japanese cuisine. Our Tokyo culinary studio runs Wagyu Kaiseki Class (9:30-12:30) and Sushi Class (13:30-16:30) every day.

☆ If you wish to do the cooking lesson in the evening, please contact us. ( We will check the availability. ☆


-Colorful Japanese dishes from appetizer to dessert.-
9:30-12:30 (3hrs)

======Autumn & Winter Menu (October 2018 ~ February 2019) in collaboration with Niigata Prefecture ==========

  1. Accordion Cucumber Salad(蛇腹きゅうりの酢の物)
  2. Gomamiso-ae Potate -Sesame & Miso sause-(じゃがいものごま味噌和え)
  3. Dashimaki Tamago -Rolled Egg-(だし巻玉子)
  4. Yukimuro Mellow Beef Steak(雪室熟成和牛のステーキ)
  5. Mizore Dressed Eggplant and Chiken (茄子と鶏肉のみぞれ煮)
  6. Lotus roots salad  (レンコンサラダ)
  7. Sweet potato Rice(さつまいもごはん)
  8. Dashi Based Clear Soup-(お吸い物)
  9. Green Tea Mouse-(抹茶ムース)

*For vegetarian customers, we replace meat and fish to vegetables and other ingredients

-Homemade Sushi making for everybody.-
13:30-16:30 (3hrs) 

  1. Rolled Egg (玉子焼き)
  2. Sushi Rice (酢飯)
  3. Inari Sushi (いなりずし)
  4. Tuna Roll(鉄火巻き)
  5. Cucumber Roll (かっぱ巻き)
  6. California Roll (カリフォルニアロール)
  7. Nigiri Sushi (握りずし)
  8. Miso Soup (みそ汁)


In our Tokyo sushi class, you will experience making various types of sushi; nigiri, inari, hosomaki (thin roll), and California roll. You will eat them with miso soup at the end. Find your favorite sushi and its ingredients!

*For vegetarian customers, we replace meat and fish to vegetables and other ingredients



1 person2~3 persons4~8 persons
Adult (over 13 years old ~)8500 yen8000 yen7500 yen
Child (6 ~ 12 years old)5000 yen5000 yen5000 yen
Child (5 years old or less)Free of chargeFree of charge Free of charge


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If you're looking for our Japanese cooking school in Tokyo, then look no further. Instructions for finding our Tokyo studio can be found below:

(1) If you have wifi, our Japanese Cooking School in Tokyo is easy to find using Google Maps, search
‘Cooking Sun Tokyo’(Shinanomachi 18, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).

(2) If you do not have wifi, we recommend you prepare well or print out this PDF file before you depart.  If you are lost or are late for class, please give us call  (+81-3-6380-6028).

Address :  Shinanomachi 18, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Maya Shinanomachi 2nd building, Room 314)
(新宿区信濃町18 マヤ信濃町2番館 314号室)
Email      :
Tel          :  +81-3-6380-6028

By foot, we are

● 5 min from JR Shinanomachi Station
● 10 min from Yotsuya 3-chome station (Subway Marunouchi line)

Cancellation Policy

● more than 7 days before – 100% refund
● 2-6 days before – 80% refund
● 1 day before – 50% refund
● No show and ‘on the day’ cancellation – Non-refundable