Taste of Downtown Kyoto

[KYOTO] Taste of Downtown Kyoto (new from February 2019!)
3 hours walking tour to explore the tastes of local food shops and cafes 

10:00-13:00 (3 hrs)

There are many local food shops, restaurants and cafes which have long history and have been loved by locals but most tourists just walk past them because no one explains. This tour makes it happen that people can truly 'experience' local food culture and meet proud local people behind it.

These are the shops, restaurants, cafes and foods we will introduce in our tour (kindly note some shops may be closed without notice)

  • Local high end supermarket who sells quality and unique foods from small and medium food businesses all over Japan
  • Japanese chocolate shop which pursues to make 'chocolate that fits Japan', which has more than 10 shops in Japan and has history of more than 15 years
  • Flagship cafe of locally famous coffee shop which started in 1940s and is famous for its milk coffee
  • Soba noodle restaurant which Steve Jobs once loved and often went when he visited Kyoto
  • Soba confectionary shop which started in Edo era (17th-19th century)
  • Old style cafe & restaurant where is often filled with locals of senior age
  • A fish‐shaped pancake filled with bean jam
  • Locally popular soba restaurant
  • Locally popular tonkatsu (pork fillet) restaurant
  • Beef croquet at locally popular beef shop
  • Japanese pickles at Nishiki Market pickles shop
  • Japanese knife shop
  • Japanese kitchenware shop
  • Takoyaki (Octopus ball)
  • Dashimaki (rolled egg)
  • Deep-fried vegetables
  • Fish and seafood shop
  • Local healthy food grocery
  • Japanese spice shop
  • Food court of department store where you find thousands of foods


Tasting of some local foods (chocolate, Japanese confectionary, pickles, croquet, takoyaki, egg roll, deep-fried vegetables, seafood, Japanese spices etc)

  • some shops may be closed and we substitute in that case
  • if you have dietary requirements, we find something else you can try


 1 person2~3 persons4~8 persons
Adult (over 13 years old ~)8500 yen8000 yen7500 yen
Child (6 ~ 12 years old)5000 yen5000 yen5000 yen
Child (5 years old or less)Free of chargeFree of charge Free of charge


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Karasuma Oike station (Exit 5) at 10:00am

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