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1. Dashi – Japanese soup stock だし
Key Ingredient of Japanese Meal

Makes about 700 – 800ml

1L spring or filtered water
10g konbu, dried kelp seaweed (weight 1% of water)
20g katsuo bushi, fermented and dried bonito flakes (weight 2% of water) (for vegetarians, substitute shiitake mushroom for katsuo bushi)

一番だし – Ichiban-dashi (The first dashi)

1. Soak the konbu in cold water, heat until just before the water starts to boil.
2. Remove the konbu from the water then remove from the heat.
3. Add the katsuo bushi to the heated water and wait until it sinks.
4. Skim the white foam then filter out the katsuo bushi (do not squeeze it)

and you are done!

If you want to make 二番だし – Niban-dashi, the second dashi
Mix both konbu and katsuo bushi in 1/3 amount of water, and boil it for 15 minutes.

Filter out the katsuo bushi and squeeze it.

2. Rice for Sushi – すし飯


Ingredients (1 sushi roll):
1 masu cup Japanese rice (1 masu cup = 180ml)
25ml rice vinegar
10g sugar
4g salt
0.9-0.95 masu cup water (to steam rice by rice-cooker)


  1. Wash the measured rice and drain the water
  2. Heat up rice vinegar, sugar and salt over low heat in a small saucepan
  3. Stir until sugar dissolves. Set aside. (To keep the flavour of vinegar, do not bring it to the boil.)
  4. When the rice is ready to be cooked, put it into the rice cooker with the measured water and turn it on. (If the rice cooker has scale marks for Sushi rice, then use the correct one to measure the water.)
  5. Once the rice is cooked, remove and spread it into a Sushi-oke or big bowl. Sprinkle the vinegar mixture over the hot rice.
  6. Mix vinegar onto rice. Mix rice well and cool it down until it gets body temperature.


3. Egg Roll (Dashimaki Tamago) – ダシ巻きタマゴ

Dashimaki Egg
Ingredients (1 person):
1                  Egg
1 tbsp          Dashi
1/2 tsp         Light soy sauce


  1. Whisk the egg well, then add dashi and light soy sauce to it
  2. Pour enough egg mixture into the oiled heated pan to cover its surface then roll up the half cooked egg from the back to the front (if you find a bubble in egg, break it by chopstick)
  3. Repeat this until you use all the egg mixture
  4. If you have bamboo mat, cover up the egg to make shape

4. Teriyaki Fish – 照り焼き

Ingredients (1 person):
1 filet           Fish (Salmon, yellowtail or any fish you like)
20g              Soy sauce
20g              Mirin
4g                Sugar
(making  teriyaki sauce is easy. Just mix soy sauce, mirin and sugar in the proportion of 5:5:1.)

1. Make Teriyaki sauce by mixing the dark soy source, mirin and sugar. (Sugar can be substituted with honey or jam.)
2. Pan-fry the fish over a low medium heat.
3. Add the teriyaki sauce and cook until the fish is fully glazed and shiny.