Osaka Cooking Class

Osaka has long been known as "the city of gluttony" and "the kitchen of the world," and is a city that is sensitive to food and has a lot of delicious food. There are many recommended foods that can only be eaten in Osaka. Okonomiyaki and Kushikatsu are especially famous.

Cooking Sun Osaka's studio is located a 5-min walk from Dotonbori  and a 7-minute walk from Kuromon Market. Try your hand at making sushi, ramen, or gyoza dumplings.


9:30-12:30 (3hrs)


You will be making 3 types of sushi in this sushi class.

1. Salad Roll

A kind of sushi roll. Crab-flavored kamaboko, lettuce, cucumber, tuna mixed with mayonnaise, and nori roll with a core of tamagoyaki (egg roll).

2. Nigiri

Nigiri-zushi is one of the representative dishes of Japan, in which ingredients are placed on top of vinegared rice. Sushi made by placing sushi ingredients such as fish, shellfish, and omelet on a bite-sized piece of vinegared rice.

3. Oshizushi - Pressed Sushi

Oshizushi is a traditional form of sushi in the Kansai region. After filling a square wooden frame with sushi rice and toppings on top, press the rice with your hand to make the rice stick to the toppings. In Osaka, it is also called “box sushi” and is still popular with many people. The finished product will be a square, so cut it into pieces just before eating.


13:30-16:30 (3hrs)


Ramen has become a world-famous Japanese dish alongside sushi.  Gyoza is another Japanese dish that has rapidly gained popularity in recent years.  At a ramen shop, ordering ramen and gyoza as a set is a staple in Japan.  In this hands-on cooking class, we will make ramen and gyoza. Ramen noodles and soup are made from scratch.


(A) Chicken soup - chicken, shiitake muchroom, leek, ginger, garlic, onion, salt

(B) Fish soup - mixed bonito flake, bonito flake, dried sardine, kombu seaweed, bonito flake

(C) Seasonings - Soy sauce, mirin, salt, garlic, sesame oil

(D) Noodle - Strong flour, cake flour, baking soda, salt

Note: A, B and C will be used to make ramen soup.

GyozaGround chicken, gyoza wrapper, cabbage, green onion, ginger, salt, sake, soy sauce, sesame oil,  rice vinegar

*Vegetarian / Vegan option is available. Please request vegetarian / vegan setting when booking.


1 person2~3 persons4~8 persons
Adult (over 13 years old ~)9500 yen9000 yen8500 yen
Child (6 ~ 12 years old)6000 yen6000 yen6000 yen
Child (5 years old or less)Free of chargeFree of charge Free of charge


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Address :  Shimanouchi 2 - 9 - 14, Chuo-ku, Osaka  (Masters Residence Dotonbori I - Room 807)
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