Online Class

The world has changed and we need to adapt. We decided to start online class. If you were thinking of visiting Japan and taking a cooking class with us, or if you weren't thinking but this sounds interesting, take our online private class wherever you live!


You can choose which class you would like to take from our regular classes in Tokyo and Kyoto.

  • [Tokyo] Wagyu Kaiseki Class
  • [Tokyo] Sushi Class
  • [Kyoto] Bento Class
  • [Kyoto] Izakaya Class

Class Setting

The class setting is private. It means that you can take a class on your own or you can invite your friends, but you won't see other participants you don't invite.


Duration of each class is about 2~2.5 hours.


We use Zoom. Please download to your device if you don't have it.

Booking Procedure

  1. Give us your preferred date, starting time and number of participants by sending us email to Kindly note we will not be able to operate between 9pm and 9am Japan time.
  2. Once we confirm the class date and time, go to our booking system below and complete the payment to confirm your reservation.
  3. Emails will be sent to each participant in which the ingredients you will need to prepared are written.
  4. Meet online on the reservation day!


1 ~ 4 persons20,000 yen per lesson as a group
5 persons and moreadditional 2,000 yen per person

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