Local Class

Take our 101 Class and further take our Local Class!

What is Local Class?

Local Class is our cooking class for local Japanese.

Who is eligible to take a class?

Anyone who took our 101 Class. You need to take a Local Class after attending any of our 101 Class.

Why should I take this class too?

Taking our Local Class is one of a kind experience where you learn Japanese or Japanese-International fusion cuisine with local Japanese people.

I do not speak Japanese…

No worries. We do class in English!

Where does Local Class take place?

Our Local Class takes place at our Kyoto Nishiki Studio, right near Nishiki Market.

When does it take place?

It takes place every day except for Monday. From September, we run class according to below chart.

What do you teach?

We have 2 types of classes. International class and Japanese class. In international class, we teach fusion of international cuisine and Japanese ingredients. In Japanese class, we teach Japanese cuisine which is geographically unique and seasonally fresh.

How do I book a class?

When you purchase a class, buy also Local Class voucher. If you did not buy a voucher but later you think you would like to take a Local Class as well, please buy voucher here.

How many people will there be in one class?

Maximum for Local Class is 20 people.