Who likes cooking classes?

Cooking Sun Feb 7, 2015

Cooking Sun Feb 7, 2015

Our customers have often been to cooking classes in different countries. Participating in a cooking class when you travel has been becoming a trend in some countries because it is a more immersive activity than shopping and staying in luxury hotels. At Cooking Sun, most of our guests are from North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, but occasionally from Hong Kong as well.

As we have learned from many of our American guests, cooking has become a part of their popular culture culture, so there are many TV shows and celebrity chefs. Even here in Japan, Jamie Oliver is well known and you can watch Gordon Ramsay’s show on television.

We also sometimes welcome guests from the Netherlands and Switzerland. Despite the fact that they are smaller countries in terms of population, they are rich countries so they probably travel relatively often and thus are interested in learning about culture through hands-on activities such as cooking classes.

Take today’s guest from the Gold Coast as an example. They’ve attended cooking classes in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Australia! (By the way, one of their favorite foods in Japan is the triangle rice ball, called Onigiri, in convenience stores.) Cooked tuna, raw salmon, and kewpie mayonnaise are their favorite!

If you’ve done cooking classes in other countries and are interested in trying one in Japan, please join our cooking class in Kyoto!