What kind of Japanese food/cooking will I experience?

At Cooking Sun, you will learn to cook Japanese home dishes. Sushi and sashimi may be familiar to you, but Japanese eat many other dishes at home and they are just as delicious! We want you to discover them and learn how to cook them while you are visiting Japan.

How do I book a class?

Please reserve your spot through our Booking pages:



If you want to book for today’s class, please contact us by phone (Tokyo:+81-3-6380-6028/ Kyoto+81-75-746-5094) to check availability.

Who are the teachers? 

Local Japanese ladies who are knowledgeable about Japanese food and are fluent in English. They are all experts of Japanese home cooking and they all love to talk with you about food and many other things.

I am vegetarian/vegan. Can I attend the class? 

Yes!  Please be assured that each of our menu items can be meat-free (except sushi class in Tokyo. We can only do this by using fish). We also have wheat free soy sauce or alcohol free vinegar.

I cannot eat gluten.

Again, no problem. We are fully aware that many people are allergic to gluten. For those customers, we remove wheat, soy sauce, and other gluten-containing ingredients from the menu.

Can I bring my luggage/suitcase?

No problem. We have plenty of space so please bring your luggage. If you come in the morning class, it is also possible for you to leave your luggage after class and tour the town, before you pick it up and leave for next destination or airports.

How do I pay?

We ask online advance payment.  

What is Cooking Sun’s cancellation policy?

● More than 7 days before – 100% refund 
● 2-6 days before –  80% refund 
● 1 day before – 50% refund 
● No show and ‘on the day’ cancellation – Non-refundable 

How many people can attend one class?

Our normal class accepts bookings of 8 ~ 10 people maximum.

We are a group of more than 8 people.

Please email us the details through our contact page and we’ll arrange a customized lesson. In the past, we have accepted 30 people in Kyoto.

Can I take photos?

Absolutely! You can take as many photos as you wish during class.

Can I have a private lesson?

Yes! Cooking Sun offers a private lesson. Rate is as below.
2 people   30,000 yen
3 people   39,000 yen
4 people   48,000 yen
5 people   55,000 yen
6 people   60,000 yen