Collaboration with Niigata Prefecture

Cooking Sun has the privilege to promote the food and kitchenware of Niigata prefecture on October – December 2017 within their ‘Niigata in 10′ project.  Niigata Prefecture locates in northern part of Japan about 2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo. It is famous for great nature which help foods grown rich from its pure water and air. To know more about Niigata, see this page.

During the campaign period, we offer rice from Niigata prefecture and sake from Yoshinogawa and Kirinzan as well as kitchenwares such as knife and chopping board.

Here are menu in our Tokyo and Kyoto studios, in which we included Niigata’s traditional dishes and particular foods which Niigata is a well-known producer.


  1. Kimpira Gobo with Renkon Lotus root (レンコンとごぼうのきんぴら)
  2. Goma-ae Green Beans  -Sesame & Miso sause-(インゲンのごま味噌和え)
  3. Dashimaki Tamago  -Rolled Egg-(だし巻玉子)
  4. Dashi Based Clear Soup(お吸い物)
  5. Yukimuro Snow Aging Beef Steak(雪室熟成和牛のステーキ)
  6. Fukubukuro-ni -Staffed Tofu Pauches-(福袋煮)
  7. Accordion Cucumber Salad(蛇腹きゅうりの酢の物)
  8. Sweet Potato Rice(サツマイモご飯)
  9. Nashi Pear Sharbet(梨シャーベット)


  1. Baked Salmon Marinated by Soy Sauce, Mirin and Sake(シャケの焼き漬)
  2. Scissors Fried Lotus Root using Minced Chicken and Onion(レンコンのはさみ揚げ)
  3. Sweep Potato Salad with Grated Daikon Radish (サツマイモのみぞれ和え)
  4. Tofu Salad with Chrysanthemum and Niigata Miso(食用菊の和え物)
  5. Dashi Soup (すまし汁)
  6. Ginger Rice(しょうがご飯)
  7. Nashi Pear Sherbet (梨のシャーベット)


Cooking Sun(株式会社Necusto)は新潟県様が県産品をプロモートするための事業「Niigata in 10」のプロジェクトの中で、新潟県産品等を海外に向けて紹介するための拠点として選定いただき、2017年10月〜12月の期間において新潟県様とタッグを組んで新潟県の食文化や産品のご紹介に取り組まさせていただいております。