Professional Chef Class

Mr. Hirokazu NaganoHave you ever thought of learning Japanese cuisine from professional chef? If the answer is yes, we have a class for you. Our professional chef Mr. Hirokazu Nagano will teach you what it takes to be a professional Japanese chef.

The class is conducted in a private format, and typically the length of each lesson is 3~4 hours. If you already have what you want to learn, that is great please let us know in detail. If you do not have in particular but still want to learn from professional chef, please refer to below sample program and contact us.


58,000 yen per class (1 to 4 people. From 5th people, additional 8,000 yen is charged. Max 10~12 people.)


3~4 hours per session / start from 6pm


Cooking Sun Kyoto Studio

Sample Program

SushiCut the whole fish from scratch and make an excellent sushi (nigiri and roll) by yourself1. Nigiri
2. Sushi roll
3. Teriyaki fish
4. Miso soup
TempuraMaster how to make the best tempura by using shrimp and many types of fresh vegetables as well as how to make tempura soup and grated radish1. Shrimp
2. Pumpkin
3. Mushroom
4. Asparagas
5. A few other seasonal vegetables
6. Miso soup
SobaAdd soba making into one of your hobbies by learning how to make the best soba from soba powder. Also learn how to prepare soba soup.1. Soba
2. Kakiage (mixed tempura)
3. Miso soup
A la carteDecide what to cook when they meet and go out for shopping at department store. Get ingredients and cook a few dishes of your preference.Choose 3~4 dishes from the list: Karaage, tonkatsu, chawanmushi, okonomiyaki, baked eel, Agedashi tofu, yakitori, gyoza, oden, nikujaga, seasonal salad, etc



  • Ingredients
  • Apron
  • Recipe (if you choose the above sample programs)

Chef Profile

Mr. Hirokazu Nagano / Mr. Nagano has trained Japanese cuisine since he graduated from high school and has more than 10 years of experience in working at various Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto. Currently as a freelance chef, he works in various ryotei and kappo as well as party chef.

How to book

Please contact at least 10 days in advance.


We ask advance payment by credit card. (100% refund seven days before / 30% refund one to six days before / 0% refund on the day)