Growing Through Word-of-Mouth

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Everyone knows a referral by word of mouth is so important for every business, and no surprise, it also applies to a small business like Cooking Sun. Today we had guests from Australia, but they did not just happen upon us online. I (Shohei) used to play Australian Football in both Australia and Japan, and I […]

One local ramen brings a lot of happiness

Best restaurants in Kyoto

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  We often see the phrase, “best places to eat” in travel media. We like rankings. An as a tourist, they work as a kind of assurance to avoid unpleasant experiences during your precious, limited time. We understand this. Here at Cooking Sun, we are constantly asked what we think are the “best” restaurants in Japan. However, when […]

Cooking, but not just cooking

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I came up with this idea of Japanese cooking classes for international travelers in 2012 when I was preparing to leave for INSEAD in Singapore for my MBA. Wandering around the city of Tokyo, I often saw foreign travelers going out of their way to see places that locals would never really go. And even more sad was that those […]