Tokyo Studio

Colorful Japanese dishes from appetizer to dessert.

9:30-12:30 (3hrs)

  1. Sesame Tofu (ゴマ豆腐)
  2. Steamed Veggie with Miso sauce(野菜の酢味噌和え)
  3. Rolled Egg(だし巻玉子)
  4. Dashi based Clear Soup(お吸い物)
  5. Sashimi(刺身)
  6. Wagyu Beef steak(和牛ステーキ)
  7. Simmered Pumpkin with Wagyu Beef(かぼちゃの煮物) 
  8. Accordion Cucumber Salad(きゅうりの酢の物)
  9. Icecream with Kuromitsu and Kinako(黒蜜きな粉アイスクリーム)


Class begins and ends with legendary Japanese foods: wagyu and kaiseki. Our lady instructors explain the many steps to try creating the Japanese luxury cuisine of kaiseki. Meanwhile, prepare wagyu, a Japanese beef famed for its juiciness and taste. Take a quick photo at the end before tasting your creation. A great end to any class!


Homemade Sushi making for everybody.
13:30-16:30 (3hrs) 

  1. Rolled Egg (玉子焼き)
  2. Sushi Rice (酢飯)
  3. Inari Sushi (いなりずし)
  4. Tuna Roll(鉄火巻き)
  5. Cucumber Roll (かっぱ巻き)
  6. California Roll (カリフォルニアロール)
  7. Nigiri Sushi (握りずし)
  8. Miso Soup (みそ汁)


In our sushi class, you will experience making various types of sushi; nigiri, inari, hosomaki (thin roll), and California roll. You will eat them with miso soup at the end. Find your favorite sushi and its ingredients!